We are a team that is passionate about building great gardens and looking after each customer. This is not just a job for us, instead it is our pride and joy to produce exceptional gardens.

Our Story:

We were working on a beautiful property in Auckland that backed onto a stunning section of native bush...

We were building a succession of retaining walls, decks, a water feature and a pergola with a green roof that hung out over the native reserve. We had just finished the project on one particular afternoon and were packing up our tools and getting ready to move to the next project. The client stopped me and said, “I have to tell you, my husband and I came out here yesterday and were enjoying our new outdoor space. My husband walked carefully around the entire project and inspected every part of the newly constructed garden, then he turned to me and said, ‘You know, I can’t find a single fault in this work!’” Then she went on to say, “and that’s a big compliment because he is very particular” Our client then went on to say that she would miss having us on site really appreciated how polite each of our team members are. She then went on to invite our whole team back to their house for a bbq to say thanks for our work.

This is why we care so much and put every effort into finishing each project with great detail, it’s because we want to be able to look at each project and say that’s the best work we have ever done and we love to hear our clients say I can’t fault their work. We love the variety of work that we get to do everyday and we love getting to know our clients and create a garden for them that they will be happy with for many years. We get great satisfaction out of each unique project and that’s why we continue to craft exceptional gardens.


"We had started to lose hope creating our landscape dream and then we talked to Shape Landscaping...

They immediately understood our vision and turned our vague ideas into a practical plan that they helped breathe into life. Our outdoors living has been transformed beyond anything we could have tried to create on our own. The entire team, from designer to builders and landscapers, worked tirelessly to turn each inch of earth into a visual delight. Each day they worked with smiles on their faces and were a pleasure to have onsite. Now every time we step outside we smile too – what a pleasure to work with people so passionate about landscape and design. Thanks Shape!  I think of you every time we sit under our gorgeous living roof – a fabulous innovative feature so beautifully created.” –Janine Irvine

“Thanks Shape...
I think of you every time we sit under our gorgeous living roof – a fabulous innovative feature so beautifully created.”

– Janine Irvine